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Chapter Books

For readers 7-10


by Anna Sewell, adapted by Caroline Hickey

Black Beauty

Ride with Black Beauty as he searches for a kind family, a loving home, and a field to run free.


Life is easy and carefree for a handsome colt in the countryside. Black Beauty and his mother are well taken care of. But when his kind masters must sell him, the young horse is whisked off to the city, where he must face a new set of challenges as a working animal.​


As the harsh life of the city takes its toll, Black Beauty meets new humans, and he learns new things along the way. The horse bravely faces hardships and must rely on his unbreakable spirit to stay kind and optimistic.


by Jack London, adapted by Caroline Hickey

White Fang

​Brave the frozen Alaskan wilderness as the wolfdog White Fang hunts for home in this classic animal story, now written with young readers in mind!


The wild is frigid and sometimes cruel, and it takes strength and resolve to survive. As a pup, White Fang must learn the laws of the wild. But when he and his mother cross paths with humans, they are separated and the young wolfdog must fend for himself.​


As he grows up, White Fang must walk the line between his wolfish nature and his domestic circumstances. He works as a sled dog, then as a fighter, before he is rescued by a kind man who teaches him to trust. Ultimately, White Fang must journey far to discover where he belongs.

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