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Author Visits

I love school and library visits! I write fiction for kids of all ages, and can tailor presentations on writing to any grade level. I hold an MFA in Creative Writing from The New School and was an adjunct professor in the graduate writing program at McDaniel College. I enjoy discussing the nuts and bolts of good fiction, how a book goes from paper to publication, and tips to help young writers pursue their craft. I like to include a few games as well to make the experience more interactive. 

For schools, I can do up to three presentations in one day. To get the most out of our time together, I recommend that students are familiar with at least one of my books before I visit. For libraries, I'm available for readings, workshops, book clubs, and other activities. I also speak to groups of aspiring adult writers about the writing and business of children's books.

I encourage schools to coordinate book sales prior to my visit. It builds excitement for the visit as well as supports me personally and keeps my books in print. I'm happy to suggest local booksellers to work with.

For information on costs and scheduling, please email me. References are available upon request.



  • Fact or Fiction: The Story of an Author           

  • Sloppy Copies and First Drafts

  • Foolproof Story Starters

  • Behind the Scenes with Series Books

  • Revision Bootcamp

  • The ABCs of Writing for Kids

  • Ten Tips for Getting Published

Testimonials from Schools

​"Ms. Hickey does not disappoint! Her enthusiasm for books and reading is contagious. She is approachable and eager to answer questions. We would love to have her visit again!" ​

                                                                                  —Amy Johnson, Reading Resource Teacher, Harford Hills Elementary

"Ms. Hickey captivated a school of writers with her eye-opening insights into a writer's life...she even had pictures to share! Several students participated in a writing workshop which included immediate feedback from the author about their story. Thanks to Ms. Hickey for reinforcing the many writing techniques and strategies espoused by MSS!"

                                                                                                                       —Amy Rarrick, Middle School English Teacher, Mother Seton School

"My principal was delighted that the content of her presentation truly reflected the reading/writing strategies that we are teaching students!"

—Charlene Stein, Media Specialist, Colgate Elementary School

Quotes from Students

"I loved hearing her advice about writing through writer's block. It's nice to know that even real writers have to make themselves write sometimes."   —Hailey, 8th grade

"I had no idea how much went into becoming a real writer, but now I am going to try to read more books with the eyes of a professional writer."    —Adele, 8th grade


"Ms. Hickey told us that sometime, you start writing a book and then you want to start over because you know you can make it better. And that’s okay if it happens."    —Taylor, 2nd grade

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