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sew zoey series (8-12)


A Tangled Thread - #6

Zoey does her best to do it all—but this time her fashion plate might be too full!

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Swatch Out! - #8

The end of summer means beach trips, concerts, and lots of time to sew. Then someone unexpected shows up at Zoey’s front door…

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Bursting at the Seams - #10

Zoey’s aunt is throwing a surprise wedding, and wants Zoey to make her dress!  Can Zoey keep it a secret until the big day? 

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Clothes Minded - #11

Zoey always tries to keep an open mind about clothes. Can she do the same for people, too?

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Cut From the Same Cloth - #14

When Zoey’s family changes, she must find a way to stitch it together to be stronger than ever.

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