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For readers 8-12

Ginny Off the Map

"It’s hard to write with such simple authenticity: The world needs more stories like this."
Kirkus, starred review

"Hickey portrays the full emotional cycle of deployment with accuracy and compassion."
Publishers Weekly, starred review

  • A Junior Library Guild Gold Selection

  • Kirkus Best Children's Book of the Year

  • CCBC Best Book of the Year

  • Reading Middle Grade Book of the Year

  • Politics & Prose Kids Favorites Catalog

There are two things Ginny Pierce loves most in the world: geography facts and her father. But when her dad is deployed overseas and Ginny’s family must move to yet another town, not even her facts can keep her afloat. The geography camp she’s been anxiously awaiting gets canceled, and her new neighbors prefer her basketball-star sister. Worst of all, her dad is in a war zone and impossible to get ahold of. Ginny decides that running her own camp for the kids on her street will solve all her problems. But can she convince them (and herself) that there's more to her than just facts?  


With a fierce heart and steadfast determination, Ginny tackles the challenges and rewards of staying true to herself. This thoughtful novel explores the strength that develops through adversity; Ginny must learn to trust her inner compass as she navigates the world around her.

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"This entertaining, earnest story is a terrific observation of family dynamics (particularly clashing siblings) and the complexity of life as a child with a parent in the military. Ginny is an inspiring protagonist, gradually opening herself up to other people’s perspectives and interests without compromising her own unique personality and passions. An engaging and empathetic examination of an array of human relationships—including the one we have with ourselves." ―Booklist

"Believable characters ground this engaging book ...illuminating some of the challenges unique to military families, as well as challenges many families can understand.  Smaller subplots involving the diverse kids in the neighborhood and Ginny’s expectations around school all further enrich this inviting, welcome story."

―Cooperative Children's Book Center

"Authentic tween angst ...It will feel like a lifeline to kids navigating relocations or school changes, whether in military families or not. Bonus for a sharp, spunky, neurodivergent narrator, relatable sibling strife, and heaps of fascinating geography trivia."

―The Book Mommy

"Caroline Hickey has created a heroine whose attempts to chart her path are both winsome and relatable. A deployed parent, sister problems, a move to a new town—Ginny uses her facts, and her heart, to navigate them all. This book should be on every middle-grade reading list."―Katherine Marsh, Edgar Award-winning author
of Nowhere Boy

"Any kid who’s struggling to find their place will fall in love with this humorous, sweet, and heartfelt novel. Fans of The Penderwicks will find the same warmth and compassion in Hickey’s characters."

―Tammar Stein, The Sydney Taylor Honor Award winning author of The Six-Day Hero

"Unique: that’s what Ginny decides she is, and that’s what Ginny Off the Map is, too, as it seamlessly weaves truly fun and fascinating geography facts into an engaging, honest story that zips along at a brisk pace."

―Valerie Tripp, author of many books
in the American Girl series

"This sweet, unique young middle grade book made my heart grow and ache for Ginny and her family as they navigated a season of change.." 


"Fact: This book is wise, honest and utterly charming. I LOVED Ginny Off the Map!"

―Lisa Greenwald, author of My Life in Pink & Green
and The Friendship List series

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